My audio world is now officially rocked!

„Last year when I began visiting AudioArts, NYC, I heard the Sperling L3, TA-1 arm, and Fuuga cartridge. I really enjoyed what I was hearing through the L3/Fuuga/FM Acoustics 122 phono stage. The sound was very dynamic, natural, open, rich. I would love to have this type of presentation in my room. … I’m starting to understand what those of you who own turntables have written here on WBF related to the differences between your analog set-up and digital. The CH Precision D1/C1/X1 is truly one of the best digital from-ends I’ve ever heard anywhere and definitely the best I’ve ever had in my room. But the turntable is so different. Just played an original ABC Records Steely Dan Aja in mint shape. Still having trouble describing what I’m hearing.“

By Ralph Sorrentino, Dallas TX USA | February 4, 2014

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