Motor Housing & Power Supplies

To use our drives, you will need the actual motor housing with the integrated control system, which must draw power from the power supply unit (NM-1). For this, you can choose whether the control system is integrated into the motor housing or the power supply unit.

You have the choice between the MR-1 model, the motor housing with the integrated control system is supplied with electricity from the power supply unit (NM-1) or the Motor Housing M-1, which only contains the motor while the control system is contained in the power supply unit (NRM-1 or NRM-1/S). The difference is personal preference – technically both concepts are exactly the same. Both are equipped with the same constructive details, such as the two separate and completely independent control systems for both the 33 and 45 rpm speeds. Or the potentiometers with precision scale for setting the speed that by nature already have 10-fold gear reduction and thus a precise adjustment of speeds.

For those who like surface feel and precision, we’ve created the NRM-1 in a specialized version known as /S. For this, you can use the already very precise 10-speed potentiometer by way of the ball bearing mounted, fine drive, which is also 1:6 gear reduction.