High Mass Turntable L-2

Our L-2 Turntable

The base consists of two massive aluminum supports with a wood layer inbetween that can be veneered according to your wishes. This chassis houses the tonearm base that is suited for tonearms from 9“ to13,5“ length. The innovative rotation mechanism of the tonearm base – wellknown from our L-1 turntable – has been expanded with an additional segment and allows the tonearm alignment of any conceivable position or angle to the platter – without dispensing the extremely stable screw connection. The platter itself is made of a special aluminum alloy. Exchangeable inlays are affixed to the precision groves on the top, which create the coupling between the record and the platter. We offer inlays made of various materials (different woods, acrylic, POM and many more. With this offering, the listener is given the opportunity to determine the tonality according to his personal preferences.

Innovation meets practicality: The tonearm base displays a scale on the top. This small feature makes it possible to mount a readjusted tonearm / cartridge combination together with its belonging base plate on its original point effortlessly within a couple of minutes. This is of particular interest for all audiophiles who own more than two tonearms and would like to change them periodically on the L-2 or even between the L-2 and other Sperling turntables.

The belt tension between the motor and the platter has a significant influence on the tonality of a heavyweight turntable. That‘s why the new, chassis-integrated motor provides the opportunity to  change the belt tension by rotating the motor unit. In addition, the L-2 allows its user to define the angle at which the belt meets the platter. This is realized by two deflection pulleys that can be integrated parallel or seperately into the belt transport process and that are positioned between the drive pulley and the platter. In this way it is possible to set up this innovative device individually at any time – depending on music and personal taste.

All chassis parts of the L-2 are powder-coated, showing a very finely structured black surface with classy appearance. Other variations are available on request and with an additional charge.